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SOLD! FarAway Farm’s Ice T


Sold! Congratulations to Ice T’s NEW OWNERS, Joanne and David at Hidden Marsh Farm! FarAway Farm’s Ice T has moved to a great new home, along with his mum Topaz. Ice T is a TRUE 18 hand coming four year old ready to go into your hitch or become your new best friend and partner! Professionally broke to drive he is road safe and LOVES LOVES LOVES to drive. He will likely mature at least 18.1 and possibly 18.2. His damsire is Kirby Farms Trigger, a 19 hand magnificent black stallion. His sire, Irish Creek Cola, is also sire to the famous Crawford Farms Hunter, a moving machine and proven champion on the tanbark. This boy will stay dark for some time being out of a gorgeous dapple gray mare and black stallion. Snap him up and show him, drive him and love him. If you have always wanted to drive, or are just looking for a super motivated safe horse this guy is for YOU!! Shown on the line by amateurs at the 2010 Congress, this boy has what it takes to win blues at the 2014 Congress!! Easy to hot up if you need him snappier but safe in all situations! click here or email sales@farawayfarm.ca for more information and video!!!!.


Faraway farm's Ice T

Faraway Farms Ice T at World Percheron Congress Oct 2010

Faraway Farms Ice T percheron colt for sale

Faraway Farm’s Ice T struts his stuff at the Congress

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  • Lisa McLeod April 13, 2011, 2:07 am

    HI Barbara!! I still have not forgotten you!! I have been stuck at the farm on foal watch. One on the ground two more to come then I can make the trip to Earl’s if you are still looking and get some good pics for you. If you are on Facebook, an FB friend of mine named Colleen Singbush has made a “fan” page so you can search Irish Creek Percherons and I think there are some pics up there too…certainly at least of Cola (the stallion) and I know this girl loves a mare named Emerald…who many say is Earl’s best broodmare (a grey also) but I think Topaz is even better of course!! Anyway I will send you on more pics when I get up there!!

  • Sonya Shannon March 12, 2013, 6:01 pm

    Well, I for one have had the good fortune to ride in the cart while Ice T was driving and I can tell you this is one strong horse with a TON of GO! in him! If I were in the market for a driving horse, I would snatch this guy up. He has the sweetest temperament, is very easy to hitch up, and boy, can he move!! In horse and buggy days, this guy would be worth his weight in gold.

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