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About FarAway Farm

FarAway Farm was officially opened in 2010, however, we have been actively training, breeding and selling horses for over thirty years! Our love of horses has been lifelong and over the past dozen or so years we have been able to pursue the passion with horses ranging from some of the biggest to the tiniest! Our goals as a farm are to breed, train and sell horses with excellent conformation, movement and temperament whatever their chosen discipline!

Our History

We have owned, shown and bred horses actively since 1979! From 1998 until 2009 we operated Canada’s ONLY private mounted patrol. We enjoyed selecting and training the horses (all black percheron geldings) as well as the staff for the challenge of patrolling busy downtown streets, participating in parades and special events, and enjoying the success in several mounted law enforcement competitions! We have sold all of our lovely black percheron geldings and four of them were lucky enough to land jobs in St. John’s, NFLD at the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Most recently, this mounted unit was featured on the CBC documentary programme Land and Sea. We were thrilled to see our horses so loved both by their riders and the public in Newfoundland!

We could not do without percherons after having owned over a dozen and so broke down and bought our first grey mare! She had her first foal in 2010 (see PERCHERONS) who is FOR SALE and her second foal born April 2011 was sold before he was weaned! She is a super broodmare and now is training to be my main driving horse!

We acquired our first miniature horse Treherne’s Dark Side of the Moon, in 2005 as a companion for one of our dressage horses, but once that horse went back into training, Moon needed company and of course, Minis ARE the “Lays Potato chip of horses”–and our herd has expanded a bit through careful acquisitions and limited breeding. We are looking forward to the future and showing this upcoming year!

Our sport horses are bred and acquired with a focus on dressage, with three warmblood horses on the roster. Two of our youngsters are FOR SALE as we are heading towards a busy and exciting show season in 2012!

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